About my work...
I've been making art work for as long as I can remember but I'd say it was during my teens while involved in punk, hardcore and local skate scene of the late 90's early 2000's that I laid a foundation for where I am at this point. Most of this work was stuck/ripped-up, torn down and thrown away as flyers, zines and demo tape art work. This work, with an 'urban' element, involved cut 'n' paste, cartoons, skateboard decks, tipex, diy culture, scamming photocopiers and flyering missions. 

Currently I'm working with acrylic and spray paint on salvaged wood from skips and pallets from work yards. I also use canvass and board to paint on too and introduce a bit of mixed media. My paintings have a raw feel inspired by music, films, cartoons, books, travel and personal memories that are tied together through a combination of painterly techniques, bold illustration and found objects to visualize events, create narrative and by pasting old stickers,  flyers and objects in the composition reflect these ideas and add to the visual language.

I have been exhibiting and showcasing my work on a regular basis for a number of years and I have prints and paintings  in collections in Britain, America, Canada, Portugal and Romania as well as a piece in a permanent collection at The royal surrey county hospital. While still at university I was honoured to gain praise from esteemed writer Will Self after I produced several pieces inspired by his 'Psychogeography' book. In between exhibitions I have also worked as a commercial illustrator and graphic designer having completed work for a diverse range of clients from publication houses, record labels, design agencies and film productions.

Commercial Clients

  • Amelia Magazine
  • Bens' Collector's Records
  • Eat Me Magazine
  • Falcon Film Productions
  • Ivy York (Band)
  • National Trust
  • Sony Pictures - 'Kill your darlings' marketing event
  • Smart Car - 'Out Smart Project' marketing event
  • Silkworm Ink Publishing
  • Spindle Magazine
  • The Guide To Surrey Magazine
  • The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre
  • VIP Shumen - Wine Importing
  • Woking Thai Boxing

Past Exhibitions

  • 2016 'Show Me Your Birmingham - group show - Anchor Gallery, Birmingham
  • 2015 'The Dogs' - group show - Ben Oakley Gallery - Greenwich 
  • 2015 'Projekt' - group show - STS Squat Space No 28, Whitechapel
  • 2014 'Curious Art-Pie' - group show - Curious Duke Gallery, East London
  • 2014 'Vauxhall, Art Car Boot Fair' : Cultivate Gallery, East London
  • 2013 'Sci-Fi' - group show - Live and Work warehouse, Stoke Newington
  • 2012 'Grufts' - group show - Graffik gallery, West London
  • 2012 'Nostalgia' - group show - Curious duke gallery, East London
  • 2011 'Spindle Magazine - Perfection' - Madame Geisha, Brighton
  • 2011 'Absurdity and Abstraction' Split show w/ Russell Reed - The Lewis Elton Gallery, Surrey
  • 2010 'Made in Britain' group show - London Miles Gallery, West London
  • 2010 'Somewhere, Some Time' group show - East Gallery, Brick Lane
  • 2010 'Culture for all' group show - Waverley borough hall, Surrey
  • 2009 'Art in mind' group show - Brick Lane Gallery
  • 2008 'MAD Degree exhibition' group show - P3 Marylebourne
  • 2007 'Inspired by music' group show - West Gallery, Harrow


Royal Surrey County Hospital permanent public display.
Art Works in over 20 private collections.