Blue Pallet Blues - featured on flyer to promote
Art Pie group show at Curious Duke gallery 2014

Lost at E-minor website - feature 2012

Surrey Advertiser - Review for my joint exhibition 'Absurdity and Abstraction'
 with Russell Reed at The Lewis Elton Gallery 2011 

I Like Characters website - feature for a collaboration
painting with Russell Reed 2011

The Finchley Archer news paper - Feature for my small
showcase at 'Room in my House' boutique. 2012

Big Issue - Feature for 'Made in Britain' group
exhibition London Miles Gallery 2010

'Town Crier' painting featured on
London Miles gallery promotional flyer 2010

Decorated Box featured on London Miles Gallery flyer
for charity auction. 2010

Curbs and Stoop website featuring image of 'Rat is King' 2009